Prescribing Success: Mental Health Tips

Community Organisations

  • Mind – Mind is a highly recognised mental health charity that offers advice and support for a range of mental health issues. They offer two confidential helplines, the Mind Infoline and the Legal line, where you can speak to a support agent quickly. Alongside this, they have 130 local Minds that offer help to those who need it most. 
  • Rethink – Rethink delivers high-quality care and support to people severely affected by mental health. They offer a diverse range of services such as carers or community support, advice and helplines, housing, nursing and employment and training. 
  • Sane – Sane offers emotional support and information to anyone affected by mental health problems through their helpline, Textcare and online support form. 
  • Youngminds – Youngminds specifically focuses on young people’s mental health. They offer advice and support for a range of issues and even offer a crisis line.

Digital Health

Therapies / Support 

  • Talking Therapies – These therapies are treatments which involve talking to trained professionals about your thoughts and feelings. 
  • Support Groups – Local support groups will be available for various types of mental health issues and these bring people together with shared experiences to create a support network.  
  • Art /Creative Therapies – These treatments use arts-based activities in a therapeutic environment to create a safe place that aims to resolve complicated feelings. 
  • Helplines – Here is a full list of available helplines that can offer support and advice for all areas of mental health.

Looking After Yourself

  • Talk About Your Feelings – Expressing your feelings can help you to cope with difficult times and help maintain a good state of mind.  
  • Keep Active – Regular exercise can help you concentrate, sleep and feel better and has been proven to have significant benefits towards improving mental health. 
  • Eat Well – A diet that is good for physical health is also good for mental health. 
  • Ask For Help – When you become overwhelmed, reach out for help before the situation escalates. This could be from family, friends or local services. 
  • Quiet Your Mind – Take a break to clear your mind and relax. Some proven methods are meditation or going on short walks.  
  • Practice Stress Coping Skills – There is no right answer on how best to deal with stress, but here are some suggestions.