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Provide patients with a safe, secure and efficient telemedicine service in seconds.

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MyClinic Organisations

Get collaborative with our new organisations feature! Users within your organisation can; share virtual waiting rooms, send and review questionnaires and perform administrative tasks such as triaging patients.

Free to use

We want to ensure that everyone has access to a healthcare professional, wherever they are in the world. That is why MyClinic at its core is completely free and always will be.

No app downloads

With MyClinic there are no app downloads for health professionals or patients. We want to ensure that our telemedicine solution is as simple as possible for all.

Worldwide cover

Our services are available anywhere with an internet or cellular reception. Calls can be carried out from remote locations and help you reach patients around the globe.

HIPPA/GDPR compliant

We are proud to be fully HIPPA and GDPR compliant. We understand that security is incredibly important, that is why we have ensured that we meet all criteria for these regulations.

End-to-end encryption

Safety for our users is a top priority. All calls are encrypted with only the clinician and patient being able to access any sensitive data.

Patient approved

We have helped thousands of patients connect with their clinician. Calls have been carried out from across the globe and our feedback has always been very positive.

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Safe, efficient and easy to use by staff and patients alike. MyClinic has become an indispensable tool in my clinical practice in the COVID outbreak.
Dr Fahd Saleh BDS, MClindent, MPerioRCSEdin
MyClinic is excellent! As a busy GP working in the NHS I know that my patients love the fact that I use MyClinic for video consultations as it saves them so much time. It is easy to use from my smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer, likewise for my patients.
Dr Abu Mohammed, MRCGP DRCOG