Prescribing Success: Marketing Your Practice

Whether you are opening a new practice or looking to expand on your current client base, you need to get your name out there. Marketing isn’t a one size fits all and there are various different ways you can market your practice. You need to decide on the best combination for your practice, one that will provide the best results. 

Below are just a few marketing suggestions that should be easily implementable, no matter the size of your operation:

  1. Optimise your website – Establishing your website as a central hub of information allows you to market your practice well. Consider the patient experience when adding lots of information that maybe tricky to follow. 
  2. Social Media – Using various social media channels allows you to reach a large target audience of potential patients. You can post regular news and updates about your practice alongside getting involved in discussions with patients. Its a great way for patients to know that you and your website are a great resource for information and support. 
  3. Online Content – Creating good quality content is a great way to provide patients with key information on your practice. Consider what content your patients may have and provide answers. Quality content is also a vital factor in search engine ranking. 
  4. PR – Press Releases are great for publishing news updates around your practice and join in on conversations on industry topics. The best point of call for PR would be local on and offline newspapers as you need to target patients in your local area. 
  5. Testimonials – Getting quotes from satisfied patients provides a great addition to both your website and social media. Previous success stories allow you to gain trust from potential new patients and reassure them of your patient care standards. 
  6. Medical Journals – Getting published within a medical journal demonstrates your expertise in a chosen topic area. The readership will not likely be your patients, but referencing these studies on your website can assure them of your expertise on a particular diseases or procedures. 
  7. Podcasts – Podcasts allow you to share information with your patients in an audio format, which is great for people who don’t like or don’t have the time to read through written content. If you practice has a specialism, it’s a good idea to draw attention to it, using it as a talking point. 
  8. Referrals – Creating relationships with key referring physicians gets the word out about your practice and brings extra patients through the doors. Consider networking events to develop these relationships. Pizza and a drink at the local pub can be a good start. 
  9. Community – Getting involved in your local community is a great direct marketing tactic that connects you with patients in your local area. There are lots of opportunities for community involvement such as charity fundraising, public speaking engagements or attending health fairs.
  10. Branding – It is important to maintain a consistent message and image throughout all of your platforms to make it easier for patients to recognise your practice. Make sure to stick to a clear colour scheme, identifiable logo and create a consistent tone of voice. 

Some of these methods may suit your practice better than others, so you need to pick the ones that best suit you and your target audience. If you are not sure what is the best method for you, you can test various combinations and determine which have the best return on investment.