Welcome to MyClinic.com

MyClinic.com was born from the frustration of doctors and patients in accessing and maintaining control of their health records.

Gone are the days of searching for the right clinic or local service for you.
Say goodbye to endlessly waiting on hold to speak to reception staff or a specialist’s secretary.

MyClinic.com has been carefully developed by our team of doctors and developers to ensure you have an easy and pleasant journey when scheduling appointments, reviewing the medical report and requesting further investigations or assistance.

Why Customers Choose Us

By using only one login for all your healthcare needs allows you to maintain control 24/7 wherever you are around the world.

Communicate with ease with your healthcare providers using our platform to ensure you get the most from your NHS and private service.

Add your children and loved ones to your profile to support them during their health needs. With a simple touch of a button, you could switch profiles and request your daughter’s medication or ask for further dementia support for your father.

Our blockchain technology and partnership with OpenEHR means your information is in safe hands and has the most sophisticated key locks and encryption to protect it from misuse.

Maintain your privacy by authorising clinician access and revoking that access once your treatment is complete.

Accessing healthcare has never been so easy.