Rooms Check-in

Please enter your 6 digit code provided to you by your doctor or clinic to join their waiting room.

For patients

Your health provider will provide you with a unique 6 digit code for you to join them for a video consultation online.

About Rooms

What is Rooms?

Rooms, by was created to address the urgent need globally for remote consultations between concerned patients and their health service providers.

How does Rooms work?

Rooms is a simple tool designed by doctors, software engineers and researchers to allow for a virtual waiting room where patients can be directed to ‘check into’ whilst they wait for their doctor to begin the video consultation.

What is has a much more feature rich product in development to facilitate a digital outpatient solution in the coming months with a full booking and scheduling service, lean electronic health record system and video consultation facility.

Why create was born from the frustration of doctors and their patients from struggling to access and maintain their health records.

Our vision

Our vision is to empower patients to have access to their full medical records and to act as a conduit sharing these with different health professionals during their medical experience. This will improve patient choice and remove the health barriers patients face today where information is siloed and clinicians are limited to what information is available to them.

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